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Unsaturated Bonded Magnet: Causes and Effects

Magnets from different magnetic material require different magnetizing energy.

  • Bonded neo magnets need higher energy for magnetization as compared to ferrite and sintered neo magnets.
  • Applying lower than required magnetizing field will result in an unsaturated bonded neo magnet.


Verification of magnet saturation

The magnetizing energy required to saturate a bonded neo magnet varies with magnet dimensions, density, material and desired magnetization pattern.
  • A saturation curve should always be generated for any new fixture design or modification to magnet or magnet material.
  • To generate a saturation curve, magnet performance (magnet flux or mid-airgap flux density for closed magnetic circuit) is charted incrementally as magnetizing energy is increased.
  • When an increase in magnetizing energy does not result in significant change (typically less than 2%) in magnet performance, the magnet is saturated.