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At Magnequench, we offer the most comprehensive bonded neo powder (MQP™) portfolio in the industry. We work with customers to identify suitable grades and quickly develop bespoke new grades to meet our customers’ requirements.

Our MQP™ powders are incorporated into numerous end market applications that utilize bonded neo magnets (MQ1™). MQ1™ magnets are indispensable components in products such as motors and sensors for the Media Storage, Automotive, and Home Appliances and Residential industries. Key applications where you can find our products include hard disk drives; car seat, trunk lift,  and windshield wiper motors, as well as in various pumps and fans in cars; and residential applications like vacuum cleaners, hair dryers, fans and circulation pumps.

By leveraging our extensive knowledge in MQP™, we are also able to design and provide sample MQ1™ magnets to you to meet the growing demand for optimized and competitive solutions in stringent conditions.

In addition to MQP™ products for MQ1™ bonded magnets, we also develop and manufacture MQU™ magnetic powders, which are used in the manufacture of fully dense anisotropic (MQ3™) magnets.  These magnets can be found in diverse applications, such as electronic power steering (“EPS”) motors, hybrid electric vehicles (“HEV”) traction motors, and factory automation motors.

MQ3™ magnets provide magnetic properties similar to those found in sintered NdFeB magnets.  MQ3™ magnets are able to reach higher performance levels with zero or significantly reduced heavy rare earth content, which enables lower costs throughout the supply chains. Please follow these links below to discover more about our product portfolio.