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Media Storage

Hard Disk Drives (HDDs) are ubiquitous in today’s world. In addition to the sintered Nd-Fe-B found in the voice coil motors, every spindle motor, which spins the disks upon which memory is stored, leverages the superior magnetic properties of a bonded neo (MQ1TM) to operate.

MQ1TM magnets are ideal due to their higher magnetic properties and also the ease of manufacturing for near net shape pressing of thin walled magnet rings.

Magnequench has remained a key partner of the media storage industry by working with the major spindle motor manufacturers, by providing reliable and innovative magnetic powders which can deliver the long term consistency and reliability required by HDDs.

Widespread dissemination of high speed internet has facilitated the use of cloud computing and evolution of data centers. For HDDs found in servers, long term stability and reliability is paramount and crucial for a secure network and for rapid access to data. Spindle motor producers trust MQ1TM magnets with the latest Magnequench powder (MQPTM) technology to meet and exceed the stringent requirements of these next generation servers for several thousands of hours, even at elevated temperatures.  For these reasons, MQ1TM magnets are found in every HDD spindle motor in the world.

Magnequench is a leader in neo bonded industry providing a broad range of bonded neo magnetic solutions to the industry. Superior technical and commercial support provided by Magnequench team helps our customers provided agile product development and mass production.