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Residential & Appliance

Global home appliance manufacturers are continuously working to introduce energy efficient and light weight portable devices. Bonded neo (MQ1™) magnets present designers with various advantages that can help motors maintain high torque and small size while reducing the total system cost.

The world’s leading and most innovating home appliance manufacturers use MQ1™ magnets in household applications like vacuum cleaners, refrigerators, hair dryers, air conditioners and residential heating and cooling circulation pumps.

MQ1™ gives engineers freedom to create High performance designs for new applications. For example, motors in vacuum cleaners not only require better magnetic properties for higher cleaning power, they also need to be smaller in size for ergonomic reasons and more efficient to consume less power. Magnets in the motor need higher mechanical strength to allow the motors to run at a higher speed of up to 100,000RPM. Magnequench’s novel compounds can deliver ideal magnetics with a higher glass transition temperature. This enables the higher mechanical strength values required of the magnet by the motor which operates at extremely high speeds. This help designers to design a smaller magnet and further reduce the cost by eliminating the need of additional physical support needed by the magnet to prevent breakage during operation.

For handheld devices like hair dryers, motors have to be light enough for ease of handling while still high performing to create the strong air flow needed.  Smaller fan motors in refrigerators, for example, allow for more storage volume which is crucial for compact models designed for smaller homes.

Residential circulation pumps consume 20% of the world’s electricity consumption. The use of high efficiency pumps can provide substantial savings in global electricity consumption.  For this reason, MQ1™ magnets are the preferred technology for circulation pump motors, especially in the European Union which is leading the world in efficiency standards for circulation pumps. The reduction in boiler size also leads to the demand for pump with smaller weight and size but similar hydraulics.

At Magnequench, we create magnetic solutions to support innovation in the home appliance and residential industry to turn the application from energy consuming to energy efficient.