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Bonded Magnets

Magnequench is your partner for bespoke magnetic solutions. Our Magnet engineering team collaborates with customers to provide cost-optimized magnets. Magnequench is an integrated magnetic solution focused on sustainable manufacturing practices. Contact us to find out more.

Bonded Magnets

Bonded neo magnets are present in motors such as hard disk drive spindle motors, seat motors, fluid pumps in automobiles, energy efficient circulation water pumps in houses, electronic expansion valves in air conditioners, high speed motors in home appliances, and many other ubiquitous applications & products used every day.

At Magnequench, we work with magnet users to design novel magnetic solutions based on the industry’s best practices and ensure those solutions are executed and supplied with the highest quality and service. Magnequench’s magnetic solutions team possesses inherent knowledge of the latest MQP™ developments to generate cutting-edge magnet solutions. Consisting of magnet design and manufacturing experts, as well as chemical engineers, we ensure that an ideal binder is identified for optimal magnetic and mechanical performance. MMS brings together powder, magnet and motor design expertise to realize the true benefits of Magnequench bonded neo magnets (MQ1™).

Our magnet experts will prove technical feasibility of new design concepts. We understand the cost implications and trade-offs of new technologies and can work to minimize amount of material used for a given motor envelope while achieving the required performance. At Magnequench, MMS creates concepts to push boundaries to improve magnet performance:

  • Shaped magnets
  • High density magnets (>6.0g/cc)
  • Very thin walled and tall rings with tight tolerances
    • Able to meet envelope principal for tall rings

MMS creates concepts to push boundaries to improve magnet performance

Using the tools on this site, you will be able to select appropriate magnetic performance characteristics of your desired magnet:

  • B-H curves at various temperatures
  • Flux Aging Loss curves at various temperatures
  • Permeance Calculator for different geometric shapes
  • Magnetic Density Calculator


file_downloadDownload PC Calculator

file_downloadDownload Magnetic Density Calculator


At any point of the application development cycle, we can provide compression molded magnet samples and magnetization support. Additionally, Magnequench can also supply large production quantities of compression molded magnets for new and existing programs. Please contact Magnequench to discuss your unique requirements and our bespoke magnetic solution.