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Magnequench has a global technical support and innovation team which has been built to collaborate with our customers and partners on their specific requirements for next generation magnetic materials and applications.  We have technical experts in materials science, chemical engineering, magnetization, motor design, and more.


We work with our customers and partners on a wide range of projects, including motor design optimization, magnetization fixture design, and magnetic compound and powder development.

  • Translate magnetic requirements
  • Using best practices to design magnetic systems with cost optimized magnet geometries and best system performance
  • Employing software developed in house specifically for isotropic magnets to optimize the magnetizing fixture design for desired magnetization profiles
  • Ensure latest magnet developments are incorporated into the final motor

Our technical team will work with you to discover and exploit the unique physical and magnetic characteristics of bonded neo magnets, many of which are advantageous in arriving at today’s market demand of achieving smaller, lighter and more efficient solutions.  Please contact us so we can begin to help you identify a cost optimized bonded neo solution for your application. Click the links below to find out how Magnequench can support you.