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Compounds Development

Magnequench’s team of engineers and scientists have developed technologies for MQ1™ magnets that enhance the magnet performance in extreme conditions such as high speed and high temperature.

Magnequench’s solution enables MQ1™magnets to withstand high speed rotation >100,000 rpm without any additional physical support (e.g. a carbon fiber sleeve), providing a cost reduction to customers for existing or new electric motor designs.

An example where Magnequench’s compound technologies perform extremely well is electric motors, where motors must rotate at ultrahigh speeds. MQ1™ magnets using High Speed and High temperature compounds easily outperform versus standard designs.


Magnequench’s team of scientists and engineers collaborate with magnet users to develop unique and novel technologies that can help enable the performance that the end market now demands.

Our technologies and our ability to develop bespoke compounds MQEP™ enable:

  • Thinner/Taller ring magnets
  • Higher Br (due to higher magnet density)
  • Tighter magnet tolerances
  • Improved mechanical strength at faster motor rotation speeds