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Effect of Epoxy Amount on Magnet Properties

Crush strength generally exhibits a linear relationship with the epoxy amount

Test Conditions:
– Ejection pressure was measured on cylinder magnets  OD6.0 X H10.0mm pressed at 6.0t/cm2
– Crush strength was measured on ring magnets OD20.8 X ID18.6 X H5.0mm pressed at 6.0g/cm3

Impact on magnet properties with different amount of epoxy under fixed pressure

OD9.8 X H6.5mm, PC=2 cylinder magnets pressed under fixed pressure at 9.0t/cm2.

Hci ~9.8kOe (780kA/m) for all magnets.

Change in pressure needed to achieve same magnet density for different epoxy rates

OD9.8 X H6.5mm, PC=2 cylinder magnets pressed to achieve density of 6.0g/cm3.

At constant density, the additional amount of epoxy reduces the amount of magnet material causing decreases in Br and BHmax.

Hci ~9.8kOe (780kA/m) for all magnets.